1. Continuous running dyeing frame: multiple dyeing frames can be run at the same time for continuous batch dyeing (can meet large batch work)

2. Color LCD touch screen display: Icon display, displaying all operating parameters, intuitive and clear. Can modify the parameters directly on the icon display, touch screen type operation, easy to use.

3. With ion purification: commonly used xylene and other reagents, its volatilization in the air is harmful to humans. Commonly used air purification are used activated carbon adsorption purification, that is, physical purification. Activated carbon purification requires a certain adsorption temperature (the first level 60 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, the second level 20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃) and a certain adsorption time (about 1 hour) to completely remove. The water and dust in the air will affect the activity of the activated carbon, thus affecting its effectiveness, so it must be replaced or regenerated. Ion purification can overcome these disadvantages. Ion purification generates ions by ionizing the gas to change and decompose harmful gases (hydrocarbons), which can completely remove harmful substances without maintenance.

4. Six kinds of programs can be stored: Six common operating programs can be stored. (Can meet the requirements of use)

5. Automatic position finding and memory function: Every time it runs automatically, it can find the starting position and memorize it to ensure that there will be no wrong cylinder in each operation, and each cylinder adopts individual positioning method to increase the accuracy. (Enhance reliability)

6. With alarm prompt function: with alarm prompt function, if the dyeing rack enters the end cylinder, the former dyeing rack is still in the end cylinder and not taken away, there is an alarm to remind, so as to deal with it in time.

7. With drying cylinder, anti-card cylinder function

8. Automatic water inlet and drainage: automatic water inlet and drainage. Drainage, with overflow prevention function.

9. Moving parts: running parts using bearing linear guide, high precision, low resistance, smooth running, wear-resistant, can maintain its reliability for a long time.

Technical parameters:

Number of cylinders: 18; a cleaning cylinder; a drying cylinder

Single cylinder volume: 1000ml; 45 slides in a single basket

Operation mode: continuous operation of multiple basket frames; continuous batch staining is possible

Setting time for each cylinder stay: 1 second~99 minutes and 59 seconds (arbitrary setting)

Temperature setting: 0℃~99℃ (arbitrary setting)

Storable program: six sets

Basket rising shaking frame: 0-10 times (arbitrary setting)

Dimension: 140*50*55nm

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