1. Can run two hanging basket frames at the same time

Completely meet the user's different organizational volume requirements. The organization volume is large enough to run two gondola frames, and the organization volume is small enough to run one gondola frame.

★2. Can run two different programs at the same time

Two gondola frames can run the same or different running programs at the same time. Running different programs can realize separate dehydration of large and small tissues, hard and soft tissues, and greatly improve the quality of tissue dehydration.

★3. With ion purification: commonly used reagents such as xylene, whose volatilization in the air is harmful to humans. Commonly used air purification are used activated carbon adsorption purification, that is, physical purification. Activated carbon purification requires a certain adsorption temperature (the first level 60 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, the second level 20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃) and a certain adsorption time (about 1 hour) to completely remove. The water and dust in the air will affect the activity of the activated carbon, thus affecting its effectiveness, so it must be replaced. Ion purification can overcome these disadvantages. Ion purification through ionization of gas to produce ions, change and decomposition of harmful gases (hydrocarbons), can completely remove harmful substances, no maintenance.

4. Color LCD touch screen display: Icon display, display all operating parameters, intuitive and clear. The parameters can be modified directly on the icon display, touch screen operation, easy to use.

5. With delay function: with delay working function. In use, sometimes need to increase the running time, you can use the delay function, without changing the original program.

6. Automatic position finding and memory function: Every time the machine runs automatically, it can find the starting position and memorize it to ensure that there will be no wrong cylinder in each operation.

7. Moving parts: the running parts adopt bearing linear guide, high precision, low resistance, smooth running, wear-resisting, and can keep its reliability for a long time.

8. Paraffin cylinder heating: dry heating, not using water as the heating medium, no water shortage, corrosion, leakage, leakage of electricity, water worry, safe and reliable

9. With anti-clamp function: when the equipment is stuck, it can automatically stop and alarm to prevent damage to the organization and equipment safety and reliability

10. Card cylinder alarm prompt function: when there is a card cylinder failure, there is an alarm prompt to facilitate timely processing.

11. Quick program modification function: Each running program can be partially modified, so it is easy to use without rewriting.

12. With power failure protection function, equipped with external usb power supply interface (need to be equipped with customer charging power to continue to work 1 ~ 10 hours), to avoid the impact of long power outages caused by tissue dehydration.

Technical parameters:

1. Number of cylinders: 14 cylinders, ten reagent cylinders, four paraffin cylinders

2. Number of baskets: two can run two baskets and two sets of programs at the same time

3. Volume: 1.5 liters, can put more than three hundred tissues or 120 disposable embedding box

4. Wax cylinder set temperature 0℃~99℃ any setting

5. Each cylinder stay setting time: 1 minute ~ 99 hours 59 minutes arbitrarily set

6. Can store the program: nine sets of convenient use

7. Basket rise stay time: 30 seconds to increase the dripping liquid to reduce tampering liquid

8. Basket in the cylinder shaking cylinder: 10 minutes to shake the cylinder four times, stirring the liquid to improve the immersion effect

9. Delayed start setting 99 hours 59 minutes, can be timed to start

10. Size: 140×50×55cm

12. Power: ≤ 900 W

12. Voltage / frequency: AC 110V ~ AC 220V/50Hz ~ 60Hz

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