Functional characteristics:

Adopt international advanced imported stepping motor drive, high slicing precision, smooth and quiet operation.

★Touch screen Chinese and English menus control slice thickness, trim thickness, slice counting and fast forward, fast backward and conversion functions.

The unique sample retraction function and one-key retraction function avoid the damage caused by the reverse rubbing of the specimen tissue and the slicing knife and make the high-quality slicing more smoothly.

It also extends the blade life.

The hand wheel can be locked at any position, making slicing safer and more convenient.

Easy to disassemble the waste groove, making the slicing work clean and hygienic.

Safety alarm system with emergency stop function

Electric roughing speed 300um/s and 900mm/s

★The knife frame is processed by special technology, no slicing and no rolling of slices when slicing

★Fast interchangeable specimen holders within 5 seconds with bare hands, making it more convenient and quick for the operator to slice

★Specimen adjustment direction: horizontal 8°, vertical 8° sample holder can be fixed with 360° arbitrary rotation, which is convenient for different slicing requirements.

Main technical parameters:

Positioning system: with 0 position indication

Slicing thickness range:

0.25-100μm adjustable: the maximum horizontal shift of the sample: 20/28mm can be customized

0.25-0.5μm, in 0.25μm increments; the most vertical translation of the sample: 60/70mm can be customized

0.5-2μm in 0.5μm increments; automatic sample feed, automatic retraction: 12μm

2-10μm in 1μm increments; total sample retraction distance: 600μm

10-20μm in 2μm increments; minimum index value for slice adjustment: 0.5μm

20-50μm in 5-μm increments; minimum index value for trim adjustment: 1μm

50-100μm in 10μm increments slice accuracy: ±5%

Trimming thickness range:

1-600μm: adjustable maximum slice section: 50×70mm

1-10μm in 1μm increments; size: 520×450×300 (mm)

10-20μm in 2μm increments; large capacity chip tank

20-100μm in 10μm increments; complete collets and tool holders can be customized

100-600μm to 50μm progressive input power: AC220V/110V frequency 50/60HZ

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