The machine adopts American ATMEL microprocessor control technology and imported heating silica gel heating material, stable performance and high precision control. Chinese (English) menu touch control panel, LCD display, dynamic display function is complete, touch button operation: memory function, can be set on and off automatically on and off time, can set the date, time and temperature of the display and other functions. With black Teflon coating surface treatment, easy to operate and anti-scratch, integrating spreading and baking, the whole machine is novel in shape, compact in structure, easy to operate, stable in performance, small in size and light in weight, the product is at the leading level in China. Widely used in hospitals, medical schools, health epidemic prevention, animal and plant research units and other departments, is the ideal equipment to carry out pathological research and teaching.

Main technical parameters:

Slicing water temperature: room temperature ~ 99 ℃ adjustable, automatic constant temperature

Baking temperature: room temperature ~ 99 ℃ adjustable, automatic constant temperature

Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃

With memory function, automatically retain the set temperature after operation

★ baking time timing and alarm function

★With a draining partition, easy to pick up the slices after the rapid drainage of water to prevent slippery slices

★Each slot is equipped with silicone heating sheet to ensure uniform temperature and fast temperature rise when baking slices.

Power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz, AC110V 60Hz

Ambient temperature: 0~40℃

★ Slant-insert baking tray can put ≤ 50 slides

Dimension: 530x380x100 mm

Slice size: 300x200x60mm

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