*1. With ion purification: ion purification through ionization of gas to produce ions, change and decomposition of harmful gases (hydrocarbons), can completely remove harmful substances, no maintenance;.

2. Can store eight kinds of procedures: can store eight kinds of common operating procedures can meet the requirements of use.

*3. Automatic operation can be inserted into manual operation at will: in automatic operation can be run to pause, insert manual operation, convenient for the user to adjust, and can automatically enter the original automatic operation state; *4.

*4. Automatic position finding and memory function: each automatic operation, the starting position can be found and memorized to ensure that each operation will not occur in the wrong cylinder phenomenon for ease of use.

*5. With alarm prompt function: with alarm prompt function, such as wrong operation, there is an acoustic prompt in order to correct, failure also issued an acoustic alarm, in order to deal with timely.

6. Moving parts: running parts using bearing linear guide, high precision, low resistance, smooth running, wear-resistant, can maintain its reliability for a long time. Smooth running and high reliability.

*7. In automatic operation, modification program can be inserted: YD-700 dyeing machine can insert modification program in automatic operation, which can reduce or increase the dwell time of either cylinder, so that it is more flexible to use.

*8. Sound alert function can be set before the end of any cylinder operation: YD-700 dyeing machine can set the sound alert function before the end of any cylinder operation, which can ensure the dyeing quality in combination with the above-mentioned "modification program can be inserted during automatic operation".

Technical parameters:

Number of cylinders:18 cylinders and one cleaning cylinder

Volume:1000ml>45 slides

Setting time for each cylinder: 1sec~99min 59sec (arbitrary setting)

Hanging basket in the cylinder shaking cylinder: continuous stirring of liquid to improve the immersion effect

Storage program: eight sets

Overall size:140×50×55cm

Power supply voltage: AC220V/50HZ

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