★1. With ion purification: commonly used xylene and other reagents, whose volatilization in the air is harmful to humans. Commonly used air purification are used activated carbon adsorption purification, that is, physical purification. Activated carbon purification requires a certain adsorption temperature (the first level 60 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, the second level 20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃) and a certain adsorption time (about 1 hour) to completely remove. The water and dust in the air will affect the activity of the activated carbon, thus affecting its effectiveness, so it must be replaced or regenerated. Ion purification can overcome these disadvantages. Ion purification can change and decompose harmful gases (hydrocarbons) by ionizing the gas to produce ions, which can completely remove harmful substances without maintenance.

2. With power failure protection function: in the automatic organization of operation, there is a power failure, the dewatering machine with internal power continues to work for 5 minutes (short power failure or change of power does not affect normal operation), after 5 minutes is still in the power failure, at this time, if the basket frame is in front of the paraffin cylinder, the basket frame enters the protection cylinder for protection (because the protection cylinder is low concentration of alcohol, it does not affect the organization much), such as in the paraffin cylinder, the power failure in the paraffin cylinder Waiting. After the power comes, the system will automatically resume operation according to the working state when the basket frame enters the protection cylinder. If you enter the protection cylinder before the fourth cylinder (including the fourth cylinder), after the call, continue to run according to the program that has not finished running. If you enter the protection cylinder after the fourth cylinder, after the call, the program will run again from the fifth cylinder according to the original setting after the fifth cylinder. If the power is out in the paraffin cylinder, after the call, the program will continue to run after the paraffin reaches the set temperature.

3. With delay function: with delay working function. In use, sometimes need another time to increase the running time, can use the delay function, without changing the original program.

4. Automatic operation can be inserted into the manual operation at will: in the automatic operation can be run to pause, insert manual operation, convenient for the user to adjust, and can automatically enter the original automatic operation state.

5. Automatic position finding and memory function: every time the automatic operation, it can find the starting position and memorize it to ensure that the wrong cylinder will not occur in every operation.

6. With alarm prompt function: with alarm prompt function, such as wrong operation, there is an acoustic prompt in order to correct, failure also issued an acoustic alarm, so as to deal with timely.

7. Moving parts: the running parts use bearing linear guide, high precision, low resistance, smooth running, wear-resistant, can maintain its reliability for a long time.

8. Paraffin cylinder heating: dry heating, not using water as a heating medium, so there is no lack of water, corrosion, leakage, leakage of electricity, water worries

Technical parameters:

1. Number of cylinders: 14 cylinders, ten reagent cylinders, four paraffin cylinders

2. Volume: 1.5 liters, can put 168 tissues or 60 disposable embedding boxes

3. Wax cylinder set temperature 55 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ arbitrary setting

4. Tissue protection cylinder: tissue protection cylinder

5. Can store the program: six sets can meet the requirements of use

6. Each cylinder stay set time: the first cylinder: 1 minute ~ 55 hours, the rest of the cylinder: 1 minute ~ 14 hours arbitrarily set

7. Heating: automatic heating 5 hours before entering the wax cylinder to reduce energy waste and maintain uniform temperature

8. Basket rise residence time: 30 seconds to increase the drip liquid to reduce the tampering liquid

9. Basket in the cylinder shaking cylinder: 10 minutes to shake the cylinder four times, stirring the liquid to improve the effect of dipping

10. Delayed start setting: 36 hours, can be timed to start

11. Size: 130×50×55cm

12. Power: ≤ 900 W

12. Voltage / frequency: AC 110V ~ AC 220V/50Hz ~ 60Hz

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