High-quality brushed stainless steel shell, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant. All 304 stainless steel material

High power air under the suction system, low noise. Can quickly and thoroughly remove harmful gases.

Built-in counter top flushing device, can quickly remove sewage.

Fast positive pressure dirt drainage, can thoroughly remove sewage.

Equipped with the original imported shredder, which can prevent the tissue debris from blocking the pipeline.

Equipped with disinfection lamp and lighting lamp.

Equipped with magnetic suction tool holder.

Equipped with pull-out water cage head.

With warm water, convenient to take materials in winter.

With small specimen rinsing sieve, to avoid the loss of small specimens.

There is a laser scale on the table and anvil to facilitate tissue measurement.

Equipped with special electric leakage safety protection device and emergency stop device to protect the safety of equipment with electricity.

Main technical differences:

Air suction: ≥ 30 cubic meters / per minute

Sound: ≤ 40DB

Overall dimension: 150 length X 80 width X 190cm height (can be customized according to customer size)

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