YD-202A III fast freezing slicer is composed of two parts: YD-202A rotating slicer and freezing system. The freezing system of this machine adopts high-power semiconductor temperature difference cooling principle, advanced nano-material and LCD display, with set temperature, actual temperature, automatic thermostat control, automatic alarm system, memory function, automatic retraction and automatic defrost function, automatic slice counting function, and quick slice trimming function to improve work efficiency. The handwheel can be locked at any position, and the sample holders can be interchanged quickly. It can both freeze quickly for frozen sectioning and conventional paraffin sectioning at the same time. It is the ideal product for biological histology and clinical pathology.

Main technical parameters:

Slicing thickness range: 1-25μm adjustable

Minimum index value of slice adjustment: 1um

Maximum section cross-section: 40×30mm

Maximum area of freezing table: 40×40mm

Size: 335×350×300mm

Easy to clean sealed box-shaped cover prevents dust and pollution from accidental collision

Knife base can be moved back and forth and laterally, (convenient for slicing and trimming) fillet stroke limit alarm

Slicing counting, with LCD displaying the number of slices The maximum temperature difference of freezing table≥60℃The maximum temperature difference of freezing knife≥50℃

Cold knife and knife back into 45 ℃ angle slicing, the smaller the angle is easier to slicing.

Cold knife and cold table with the same screen to display the preset temperature and real-time temperature respectively.

With memory, power saving function, automatically retain the set temperature after running; automatic constant temperature

Defrosting temperature display, after defrosting automatically restore the cooling working state cooling speed 2-7 minutes to reach the slicing temperature.

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