YD-355AT Ⅲ rapid thermostatic frozen slicer is composed of two parts: YD-355AT automatic tissue slicer and freezing system.

★The freezing system of the machine adopts the principle of high power semiconductor temperature difference to cause cooling.

★Advanced nano-material and LCD display.

★There are setting temperature, actual temperature, automatic thermostat control, automatic alarm system, memory function, automatic retraction and automatic defrosting function, automatic slice counting function, quick slice trimming function to improve work efficiency.

★The hand wheel can be locked at any position, and the sample holders can be quickly interchanged.

★Adopting advanced German imported guide rail, drive and motor to ensure slicing accuracy and achieve ideal results.

★It can not only freeze frozen sections quickly, but also perform conventional paraffin sections. The YD-355AT automatic tissue slicer has novel structure, advanced function and excellent performance, and the drive feed is precisely controlled by computer program, which can quickly switch between manual or electric slicing. Especially, the electric slicing which can control the speed at will, the running action is driven by the precision servo motor to achieve an unusually smooth and fluent slicing effect, so that some hard tissues or some difficult specimens can be easily completed, and at the same time the operator can free his hands for slicing, simplifying the technical difficulty of slicing work, greatly reducing the operator's labor intensity and significantly improving the work efficiency and economic benefits.

Main technical parameters:

Host built-in touch main menu control display panel, unique and convenient, easy to operate.

☆ Quickly switchable hand-crank and foot-operated automatic switch control and automatic slicing mode (three slicing modes)

Automatic mode with infinitely adjustable speed, thus meeting different slicing requirements, with emergency stop function

☆Slicing mode and trimming mode can be changed at will.

Various sample holders can be interchanged quickly and arbitrarily.

Easy disassembly of the tray and environmental protection chip tank

☆Stroke limit alarm, drive overload protection, automatic sleep protection.

Cutting thickness adjustment range 0.5~100µm.

0.5~2µm thickness values in 0.5µm increments (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2).

2~10µm thickness values in 1µm increments (2, 3, 4 ............... .10).

10 to 20µm thickness values in 2µm increments (10, 12, 14 ....... .20).

20 to 50µm thickness values in 5µm increments (20, 25, 30...50).

50~100µm thickness values in 10µm increments (50, 60, 70...100).

Trimming thickness adjustment range 1~999µm. adjustable

Maximum horizontal stroke of sample 20mm/28mm can be customized.

Maximum vertical stroke of sample 60mm/700mm can be customized

Slicing accuracy: ±1%.

Fast in/out speed: 1 mm/s.

Precise positioning of sample head. Sample positioning 8° horizontally and 8° vertically

Slicing adjustment minimum index value: 0.5μm

Trimming adjustment minimum index value: 1μm

Max. freezing table area: 40×40mm

Maximum slicing section: 50×70mm

Maximum temperature difference of freezing table≥60℃

Maximum temperature difference of freezing knife≥50℃

Cold knife and knife back into 45 ° angle slicing, (the smaller the degree of easier to smear slices)

The cold knife adopts magnetic adsorption, easy to operate and dismantle.

Cold knife cold table display preset temperature and real-time temperature

☆ Connected with sample clip adapter - sample clip rotates 360°

With memory, power saving function, automatically retain the set temperature after running; automatic constant temperature

Overall weight: YD-355AT: 35kg; YD-III: 8kg

Input power: AC220V/110V frequency 50/60HZ power: 300VA

Dimension: YD-355AT: 300*570*270mm; YD-III: 400*400*160mm

Retain the set temperature; automatic constant temperature defrost temperature display, defrost automatically resume the cooling working state cooling speed 2-7 minutes to reach the slicing temperature.

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