The valve body is integrated structure, good sealing, flexible opening, no wax leakage, dripping wax phenomenon. The wax temperature and the flow of the imported valve to adjust the wax nozzle can be controlled, the residual wax on the table is automatically recovered, the Chinese (English) menu display, the temperature of the melting wax cylinder, the holding cylinder, the wax nozzle and the table can be preset arbitrarily. The whole machine consists of embedding part and freezing part, split design, with memory and automatic recovery function, automatically retaining preset temperature after operation. The heating element is fast, evenly heated, energy-saving and reliable.

★The freezing table adopts new compressor, the compressor has delayed protection function, stable performance and long service life has super cooling mode and temperature control mode, high precision of temperature control; in the temperature control mode, adjust the appropriate temperature to achieve the ideal freezing effect.

★Large capacity (6 liters) of molten wax cylinder to ensure one-time completion of tissue embedding

Touch screen operation: with memory function, automatic on and off time can be set for on and off time, and the date and time of display as well as temperature can be set.

With double filter protection, heating function with multiple protection system, low voltage lighting system, safe and reliable.

The table is equipped with wax block repair surface and heating function with heating, wax block repair function; bilateral multi-hole storage tweezer table design, can place the size of tweezers.

★ Semiconductor small cold table design, the temperature can reach a minimum of -20 ℃; cold spot area: 50x50mm.

★Configuration of gooseneck magnifier with electric light source, convenient for tissue embedding positioning

★The pipeline of wax discharge with heating function, and the wax discharge nozzle under the wax cylinder will not cause blocking of wax from top to bottom. Hand rest area with anti-scalding device, intuitive operation panel, safe and comfortable operation. Configuration of paraffin wax collection drawer: waste wax collection will not cause blockage

Main technical parameters:

Wax cylinder capacity: ≥ 6 liters

temperature presetting range of melting wax cylinder: 0℃~99℃

Preset range of temperature of insulated cylinder: 0℃~99℃

Temperature presetting range of working table: 0℃~99℃

Preset range of temperature of storage table: 0℃~99℃

Temperature presetting range of flow wax tube: 0℃~99℃

Wax scraper to scrape off excess waste wax, size: 115x100mm

Size of left and right holding cylinders: 70x220x175mm

Size of double working table: 135x120mm, 115x100mm

Temperature control accuracy: ±1%

Waste wax collection tank: 2

Temperature control cold table: adjustable from room temperature to 20℃, the lowest temperature can reach ≤ -28℃ (super cooling mode) can accommodate about 100 embedding boxes

Flow wax working mode: manual switch flow wax speed adjustable, foot switch control two ways

with two operating modes: manual mode instant start/stop; automatic mode with power failure memory

Time preset: can set the power on and off time arbitrarily within 0-24 hours

Power supply voltage: AC220V/AC110±10%

Power frequency: 50/60±1Hz±10%

Power at start of embedding machine: 1200w

Cold table power: 200w

Weight of embedding machine: 48kg

Cold table weight: 26kg

Embedding machine size: 600×660×420mm

Cold table size;470×660×420mm

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