Performance structure features:

1. Full intelligent optimized circuit design, the upper microcomputer and the lower microcomputer use 485 communication mode, stable and reliable. Can automatically determine the operation of the power outage retired cylinder protection

2. Adopt digital screen + keys, Chinese menu, simple operation and detailed display information.

3. International standard synchronous belt drive and linear bearing positioning design: moisture-proof, temperature-resistant, anti-corrosion, accurate positioning

*4. The machine liquid cylinder with a lifting cylinder handle, convenient to change the liquid, and cylinder cover for resistance slow shut, no noise. Really reduce the noise when changing the basket (the first of its kind in this model).

5. Using metal frame curved door, combined with transparent organic glass, clear and bright vision. Equipped with 0.8 meters long LED high brightness lighting, automatic control switch.

6. Liquid tank of pharmaceuticals: it can complete the dehydration treatment of >120 tissues at one time.

7. After power failure, with action memory and program memory function, the machine can continue to run according to the original program when the power is stopped or cut off during operation.

8. External exhaust type environmental protection function: harmful gas is directly discharged outside through exhaust duct; using top exhaust system, combined with fume hood, the maximum effective purification of air, and the fan is automatic, timed delay control.

9. Automatic operation can be inserted into the manual basket at any time, easy to observe the dehydration or instantly add tissue. And there is a Chinese operation prompt.

Main technical parameters:

Number of liquid cylinders: 12 (the last three cylinders are paraffin cylinders)

Single cylinder volume: 2000 ml

Single-cylinder processing time: single-cylinder in 0 ~ 99 hours arbitrary setting

Waterless intelligent heating control, low pressure non-contact temperature control: using integrated circuit low pressure temperature control technology, low energy consumption, environmental protection and more safety, effectively extending the life of the equipment.

Temperature presetting range: 0~80℃, temperature control accuracy: ±1℃

★ Can set the dehydration program: 18 sets

★ Power outage protection 220V power outage, in the liquid cylinder battery power supply can run for 2 hours, xylene immersion is complete, and then retired cylinder protection. Protection cylinder 1-7 cylinders adjustable.

The number of times to change the cylinder leaching shaking: 0-6 times arbitrarily adjustable, leaching 10-60 seconds adjustable

Stirring speed: 3 times/min when grid power supply, 1 time/min when internal battery power supply.

Any time delay within one year

Power supply voltage: AC220V±22V 50 Hz±1Hz

Power: ≥ 800 W

Relative humidity in the working room: maximum 80%

Dimension: 1051×415×502mm

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