Congratulations to the first technical quality control promotion competition of the third annual academic conference of China Medical Equipment Association Pathology Equipment Branch

Source: Jinhua YIDI Medical Appliance CO.,LTDRelease time: 2018-10-29

The "Third Annual Academic Conference of China Medical Equipment Association Pathology Equipment Branch and the First Technical QC Competition of China Pathology Equipment Branch" held in Shangqiu City, Henan Province on October 25-28, 2018 was successfully held. Thanks to the conference hosted by the Pathology Equipment Branch of China Medical Equipment Association and the Routine Technology Group of the Pathology Quality Control and Evaluation Center of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and organized by the Pathology Branch of Henan Medical Association and the Pathology Quality Control Center of Henan Province. Ltd. hosted the "Jinhua Yidi Cup" paraffin section quality control competition. Jinhua Yidi thanked all the participants for their active participation.

This conference is to promote the application and development of pathology equipment, improve the clinical application of pathology equipment, enhance pathology, mutual understanding and unity of the business community, and promote the progress and development of the Chinese pathology profession and the comprehensive application of modern pathology equipment in the pathology clinic.

The "Yidi Cup" Paraffin Pathology Section Competition requires the participants to complete the techniques of sectioning, baking, staining and sealing within 55 minutes, and the selected specimens are all tissues that are difficult to produce in daily work, such as uterine fibroids, fat, lung tissue, etc.

Participation site picture:

Among the 44 participants from many hospitals in China, one first prize, three second prizes and seven third prizes were awarded in the "Jinhua Yidi Cup Paraffin Section Quality Control Competition". Congratulations to Lv Weibing from Qingdao Bodhi Wisheng Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd. for winning the first prize of the competition.

The winners of Idi Cup Paraffin Section Quality Control Competition

First Prize

Weibing Lu    Qingdao Bodhi Wisheng Medical Laboratory Co.

Second Prize

Xiaoqiang Yu    Shandong Sunshine Ronghe Hospital

Fengtao Zhu    Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

Jingran Wang    Hebei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Third Prize

Qiuxia Zhang    Hangzhou Dean Medical Laboratory Center Co.

Weichen Shi    The Second Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bohan Guan    The First Hospital of Jilin University

Haiyun Song    Qilu Hospital of Shandong University (Qingdao)

Xuesong Fang    Anhui Provincial Hospital

Shen Chen    The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University

Congcong Sun    Pingdu City People's Hospital

Award picture of the contest winners:

Post-race group photo

High-quality pathology slides are the cornerstone of accurate pathology diagnosis, and the production process requires not only standardized operation process, but also a rigorous working attitude of technicians. In the eyes of every pathologist, this small section is not only a tool, but also a warm artwork. This exchange with the technicians together will provide valuable advice for Yidi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. to build better, more comfortable and convenient products in the future. Jinhua Yidi thanks all the participants for their affirmation and recognition of the company's products and for your long-term support and trust. Congratulations to the success of this meeting!