What is an embedding machine?

Source: Jinhua YIDI Medical Appliance CO.,LTDRelease time: 2022-08-16

Embedding machine, also known as biological tissue embedding machine or paraffin embedding machine, is a device for embedding tissue wax blocks on human or animal and plant specimens after dewatering and soaking wax for slicing for histological diagnosis or research, which is suitable for use in medical schools, hospital pathology departments, medical research units, animal and plant research units and food testing departments.

When making slices or thin sections using conventional techniques, it is difficult to make uniformly thick and thin sections in this way because the tissues are soft, or locally soft and hard. So use the substance to soak the inside of the tissue, the whole tissue as hardened, first inject the melted paraffin wax into the embedding tray (mold), and then use the tweezers to take out the tissue block that has been soaked with wax from the dehydration box, put it into the middle of the embedding tray, put it on the small cold table, use the tweezers to lightly press the tissue block to reach the tissue block flat, cover the bottom of the dehydration box, then add good paraffin wax, move it to the freezing table, and after it is well frozen, remove the tissue wax block to be cut.

Embedding machine is not only used to observe the morphological structure of normal cellular tissues, the main method used to study, observe and judge the morphological changes of cellular tissues in disciplines such as pathology and forensic medicine, but has also been quite widely used in many other disciplines in the field of research; teaching, in order to achieve the light microscopic observation of sectioned specimens.