Tissue embedding machine standard operating procedures

Source: Jinhua YIDI Medical Appliance CO.,LTDRelease time: 2022-08-16

1. Open the embedding machine cooling table.

2. Fill the embedding machine wax cylinder with clean paraffin.

3. Turn on the dehydrator, hold the tissue frame and put it into the to-be-wrapped area of the embedding machine.

4. Look carefully at the number and wrap in order starting from the number in front.

5. Defend the embedding film against the wax outlet of the embedding machine.

6. Take out the embedding cassette from the dehydration basket with forceps.

7. Open the lid of the embedding cassette by hand.

8. Replace the forceps, you can tap this forceps gently on the metal hot table to prevent tiny tissues from sticking to the forceps.

9. Inject a small amount of wax, put the tissue into the embedding film and flatten it (observe the embedding surface carefully, such as wired knots and steel pins must be removed).

10. Put the embedding box into the embedding film, inject wax, there can be no air bubbles.

11. Place the wrapped embedding film on the cold table.

12. Repeat steps 5-11 until all wrapping is completed.

13. Count the number of wax blocks after embedding and register and sign.

14. Close the cold table.

15. Take out the waste wax box under the embedding machine and shovel away the waste wax.

16. Wipe the embedding machine clean and sign on the register of using the machine.