Steps of using paraffin slicer

Source: Jinhua YIDI Medical Appliance CO.,LTDRelease time: 2022-08-16

1. Check whether the knife is sharp before loading, if there is a nick on the knife or it is too blunt, try to sharpen and swing the knife first.

2. Load the carrier with the wax block stuck on the clamping part of the paraffin slicer and adjust it to a position slightly away from the slicing that can be cut to, paying attention to the wax block tissue cut surface and the slicing knife to be vertical and parallel.

3. Mount the slicing knife on the knife holder with the knife opening upward. Loosen the knife holder and move the knife holder so that the knife mouth is close to the paraffin block. Tighten the knife holder and fix the machine head.

4. Adjust the angle of the slicing knife so that the line on the slicing knife holder is aligned with the line in the middle of the base, finally making the slicing knife at an angle of about 15 degrees to the paraffin block.

5. Adjust the thickness gauge as needed, with 5 to 12 microns thickness as appropriate.

6. After everything is adjusted, you can start slicing, at this time, the right hand holds the handle of the rotating wheel, the thumb opens the safety button on the wheel, shaking clockwise one circle can cut a piece, continuous shaking can cut the continuous wax belt, shaking speed to 40 to 50 revolutions per minute is appropriate. At this time, hold the brush in your left hand to hold up the wax belt, and when the wax belt is about 20 cm long, stop shaking and close the safety button.

7. Pick up the wax tape with the brush and discharge it on the paper in the tray in order, so that the wax tape is light side up and wrinkle side down.

8. After slicing, clean the paraffin slicer and tools. The paraffin wax on the slicing knife can be wiped off with a small amount of xylene, then wipe dry with a flannel cloth and put into the box for storage.